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Button Top

Long sleeve top with dressing zip to the back. Finished ...

Price: £65.00

Contrast Latex Pouch Boxers

A gentlemen's rubber undergarment that sports a cleverly ...

Price: £42.00

Contrast Latex Pouch Briefs

Wear your favourite styled underwear in latex!

Price: £32.00

Contrast Latex Pouch Thong

A gentlemen's undergarment that sports a cleverly cut pouch ...

Price: £32.00

Cropped Underwire Top

Sexy supportive crop top, featuring frilled shoulder ...

Price: £85.00

Her Latex Military Hat

Cute pin up style military hat, folds flat and features two ...

Price: £50.00

His Latex Lolita Dress

Totally rocking Lolita styled dress that'll even make Tim ...

Price: £189.00

Latex Bardot Hat

Large circular hat adorned with handmade roses.

Price: £55.00

Latex Beret

Latex covered Beret base, with elastic thread to attach.

Price: £42.00

Latex Butterfly Fascinator

Teardrop shape base covered in latex with tiny handmade ...

Price: £55.00

Latex Camisole Top

Designed to go with our latex bloomers, this simple, ...

Price: £52.00

Latex Cheerleader Cropped Top

Latex Cheerleader Cropped Top

Price: £65.00

Latex Crop Shirt

Rubber pull on cropped shirt, with long sleeves and ...

Price: £65.00

Latex Dottie Hat

Gorgeous feather embellished fascinator with polka dot ...

Price: £55.00

Latex Feather Fascinator

Elegant circular fascinator covered in black latex with ...

Price: £55.00

Latex Fishtail Dress

Elegant floorlength dress with fishtail skirt, flared ...

Price: £185.00
price increased by £4 April 13 d

Latex Flower Mini Top Hat

Mini latex top hat fascinator with delicate flower and a ...

Price: £59.00

Latex French Maid Dress for Him

ur rubber French Maid dress is as frilly and femme as it ...

Price: £179.00

Latex Garter Panties

Beautifully cut panties with attached adjustable suspender ...

Price: £41.00

Latex Halter Top

Cute and sassy, this latex halter top has shaped bust area ...

Price: £52.00

Latex HMS Sailor Top

Latex Mistress Blouse with popper front fastenings, lightly ...

Price: £65.00

Latex Jeanie Panties

Retro style high waisted briefs with contrasting trim and ...

Price: £40.00

Latex Lace Back Top

Underwire strap top with adjustable shoulder straps and ...

Price: £92.00


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Most Catalyst Latex items are made to order just for you. 

Our lead time is around 4 weeks+ right now. 

Please check with us if you have a deadline

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We also offer made-to-measure for an extra fee, and can explore your custom styles on request.

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