A bucket-full of ideas to help finish an outfit, or start a new one.

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Latex Bag

Handy strappy rubber bag with lots of pockets!

Price: £95.00

Latex Bow Tie

With the Catalyst latex rubber bow tie, the back bow and ...

Price: £35.00

Latex Cummerbund

The Catalyst Latex rubber cummerbund is essential evening ...

Price: £45.00

Latex Fan

Bet you didn't think we could make a fan out of latex huh!

Price: £35.00

Latex Hair Sticks

Traditional styled hair sticks wrapped in your favourite ...

Price: £20.00

Latex Harem Veil

Filigree latex face-veil is part of our Harem outfit.

Price: £15.00

Latex Maids Choker

This hand pleated latex choker will finish off your French ...

Price: £35.00

Latex Plain Pasties

Perfect addition to any cheeky outfit with these rubber ...

Price: £20.00

Latex Suspender Braces

Rubber Braces, latex suspenders - whatever you call them ...

Price: £32.00

Rubber Sporran

Our hand stitched rubber sporran is an everyday must have ...

Price: £60.00


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Ordering Information

Most Catalyst Latex items are made to order just for you. 

Our lead time is around 4 weeks+ right now. 

Please check with us if you have a deadline

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We also offer made-to-measure for an extra fee, and can explore your custom styles on request.

Catalyst Latex -

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