Real Clothes - in Rubber ...

Our latex items are tailored and produced like real clothes.  Our styles reflect this and we offer a range from basics to full outfits for every occasion!

Rubber without the Rub ...

At Catalyst Latex all our garments are chlorinated during manufacture to minimise the need for talcum powder or lube for dressing.


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Other Accessories

Latex Backpack

Handy strappy rubber bag with lots of pockets!

Price: £95.00

Latex Bow Tie

Catalyst latex rubber bow tie.

Price: £35.00

Latex Cummerbund

The Catalyst Latex rubber cummerbund is essential evening ...

Price: £45.00

Latex Fan

Bet you didn't think we could make a fan out of latex huh!

Price: £35.00

Latex Hair Sticks

Traditional styled hair sticks wrapped in your favourite ...

Price: £20.00

Latex Harem Veil

Filigree latex face-veil is part of our Harem outfit.

Price: £15.00

Latex His Sailor Collar

Sailor style bib collar with faux tie and contrast trim ...

Price: £35.00

Latex Maids Choker

This hand pleated latex choker will finish off your French ...

Price: £35.00

Latex Plain Pasties

Perfect addition to any cheeky outfit with these rubber ...

Price: £20.00

Latex Suspender Braces

Rubber Braces, latex suspenders - whatever you call them, ...

Price: £32.00

Rubber Sissy Pouch

Our latex Sissy pouch, is elasticated and has ties for ...

Price: £23.00

Rubber Sporran

Our hand stitched rubber sporran is an everyday must have ...

Price: £60.00


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Ordering Information

Most Catalyst Latex items are made to order just for you. 

Our lead time is around 4 weeks+ right now. 

Please check with us if you have a deadline

Contact us

We also offer made-to-measure for an extra fee, and can explore your custom styles on request.

Catalyst Latex -

Real clothes - in rubber 

Chlorinated - of course!



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