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Moulded Plain Hood

Plain moulded latex hood with mouth and eye holes.

Price: £33.00

Surgeon's Rubber Hood

An authentic lightweight rubber surgeon's hood in ...

Price: £39.00

Latex Snood

Latex rubber snood - cross between a latex scarf and a ...

Price: £30.00

Latex Medical Mask

A latex rubber mask for the latex scrubs, ideal for all ...

Price: £24.00

Rubber Nurse Hat

A simple self-supporting box hat in thick latex with a ...

Price: £40.00

Maids Rubber Hat

With reinforced latex to make the hat stand up and hand ...

Price: £30.00

Latex Harem Veil

Filigree latex face-veil is part of our Harem outfit.

Price: £15.00

Rubber Mop Cap

Our latex mop cap is ideal for nurses, serving wenches, ...

Price: £29.00

Latex Flower Mini Top Hat

Mini latex top hat fascinator with delicate flower and a ...

Price: £55.00

Latex Beret

Latex covered Beret base, with elastic thread to attach.

Price: £42.00

Latex Military cap for him

Latex military style Glengarry hat folds flat and tucks ...

Price: £50.00

Latex Scrubs Cap

A simple self-supporting box hat in thick latex with a ...

Price: £38.00

Rubber Diner Hat

Complete your outfit with this swanky Diner Hat featuring ...

Price: £30.00

Latex Butterfly Fascinator

Teardrop shape base covered in latex with tiny handmade ...

Price: £55.00

Latex Patient Hat

Our latex Patients Hat is true to life, a loose fit with ...

Price: £29.00

Rubber Nurse Cap

With reinforced latex to make the hat stand up, hand ...

Price: £32.00

Latex Victorian Night Cap

A great way to finish the look, this night cap comppliments ...

Price: £20.00

Her Latex Military Hat

Cute pin up style military hat, folds flat and features two ...

Price: £50.00
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Most Catalyst Latex items are made to order just for you. 

Our lead time is around 4 weeks+ right now. 

Please check with us if you have a deadline

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We also offer made-to-measure for an extra fee, and can explore your custom styles on request.

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