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Latex Allergy

Customers that have latex alergies have found that they do not react to Chlorinated latex.

While this is excellent news we we would advise any one with a latex allergy to order a sample of chlorinated latex so that they can test this themselves.

We would advise caution when testing any such allergic reaction and that some one be with you just incase.

Below is a review from one of our customers

Having tested a sample of chlorinated latex, Kasey Kupcake said;


Word of the street is... I am allergic. It's more than a skin irritation, and less than an anaphylactic reaction. I've always avoided it, ever since a tragic condom incident when I was younger.

And then I found Catalyst Latex.

They chlorinate their latex, by request, and at no additional charge! This removes most of the allergens and makes it wearable for almost all folx.

So my allergy Queens, hit them up for a sample square to be sent to you! I hope it works for you, like it worked for me!

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