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Care Information

You have chosen if you'd like to have your order carefully chlorinated, to make your new latex soft and smooth and much easier to put on, or you've decided to leave it as is.

Care for your chlorinated garments the same way as non chlorinated latex.

We recommend washing your garments after use, with a damp soapy cloth. 

When leaving to dry keep out of direct sunlight. Top tip: don't leave dark colours next to light colours when drying.

Once dry, if you don’t use polish, turn your garment inside out keeping any metal from pressing onto light colours, and store in a cool dark space and if you can inside a ziplock bag.

Due to Chlorination you don't have to worry about the garment sticking to itself or others.


As always keep metals away from pale coloured latex; copper and brass can cause permanent staining.

Generally, protect from UV, excess of temperatures and sharp edges and your Catalyst Latex Clothing should give you many years of wear.

Chlorination will normally last the lifetime of the garments, but does not protect against normal wear, tear and abrasion that removes the shine from places like the knees and elbows. Once lost this shine cannot be restored.


Some people prefer to leave the outside of the garments soft and smooth, others prefer to shine up with their favourite polish - the choice is yours.

We don't recommend using products that will coat the inside as this removes the point of having your latex chlorinated.


We chlorinate, rinse and dry, though there may be streaks of manufacturers talc or water marks which can be removed with a soft damp cloth - more fun if you're wearing the garments!