Here you will find a collection of loose, flowing nightgowns, pyjamas and more, in the lightest gauge latex we have, designed for comfort and appeal.  Our dressing gowns and bath robes are crafted from a more sturdy guage, to give you years of excellent service.

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His Long Pyjamas

Loose fit light weight pyjama set.

Price: £115.00

Latex Baby Doll Nightie

This slinky little latex nightie is a Catalyst must have!

Price: £98.00

Latex Baby Doll Panties

These briefs are a perfect match with our Baby Doll Nightie ...

Price: £40.00

Rubber Short Pyjamas for him

Loose-fit lightweight latex pajama set.

Price: £95.00

Latex Swing Nightie

A Catalyst chlorinated vintage swing style rubber ...

Price: £105.00

Rubber Swing Huggy Briefs

Full style latex briefs with two rows of hand pleated ...

Price: £40.00

Rubber Dressing Gown for him

Latex dressing gown, or rubber bath robe - call it what you ...

Price: £125.00

Latex Lounge Pants

Slip into this silky soft latex lounge wear, made from the ...

Price: £84.00

Latex Victorian Nightshirt

A great addition to your nightwear collection.

Price: £95.00

Latex Dressing Gown for her

Ladies style hooded latex dressing gown, or rubber bath ...

Price: £125.00

Rubber Victorian Maids Nightgown

A great addition to your nightwear collection. This ...

Price: £115.00

Latex Victorian Nightie

Classic chlorinated rubber nightdress, ankle length, ...

Price: £105.00

Latex Night Gown

A flowing, full length night dress, with form fitting bust ...

Price: £105.00

Latex Négligée

Free flowing show stopping long négligée.

Price: £125.00

Latex Short Pyjamas for her

Perfect to snuggle up in these lightweight latex bloomers ...

Price: £95.00

Latex Gathered Nightie

This wonderful full floaty nightie is a must.

Price: £75.00

Rubber Camisole Top

Designed to compliment our fabulous baby rubber bloomers, ...

Price: £95.00

Latex Nightie

A lightweight puff-sleeve rubber nightie, plain-cut from ...

Price: £95.00

Strappy Rubber Nightie

Chlorinated latex fine nightie, barely there, with a pretty ...

Price: £85.00


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Ordering Information

Most Catalyst Latex items are made to order just for you. 

Our lead time is around 4 weeks+ right now. 

Please check with us if you have a deadline

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We also offer made-to-measure for an extra fee, and can explore your custom styles on request.

Catalyst Latex -

Real clothes - in rubber 

Chlorinated - of course!