Latex Allergy



Customers that have latex alergies have found that they do not react to Chlorinated latex. While this is excellent news we we would advise any one with a latex allergy to order a sample of chlorinated latex so that they can test this themselves. We would advise caution when testing any such allergic reaction and that some one be with you just incase.

Below is a review from one of our customers

"Hi There

Can I just say that after ordering some of your great outfits I am happy no delighted to advise you that I am able to ware your Chlorinated items,

I am very allergic to latex in the way that I have to carry Epi pen with me every day. If I do come into contact to the skin and inhale the particles I would certainly suffer anaphylactic reaction.

13 years ago I found out that I was allergic to latex ..... so bad that I could not even take to my children to friends party's due to that fact that just being in a room filled with a few balloons could give me an allergic reaction. So Bad that this attacks my airways, my skin gets red in colour and swollen, my lips triple in size

Not too mention my sex life was in turmoil. I used to love to ware sexy outfits and enjoy erotic nights with my husband. But now I have some outfits that have been fully Chlorinated by you after successfully sampling some of your swatches as u advised by my own risk.............

I would like !!! no WE would like to thank you for the fantastic outfits I can now enjoy and ware its great to know I can ware these and not worry about my any one who has an allergy to latex I can can say 100% once these out fits have been Chlorinated I can ware them... Try them I did and I'm looking for another outfit as we speak xxxxx

Yours Thankfully

A latex allergy sufferer and customer

Su H"


Having tested a sample of chlorinated latex, Kate from MA-USA said:


I can touch it without my skin burning! I'm so excited!
Count me as another latex-allergic person who can interact with chlorinated latex. :)
I'm so happy!